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We have come a long way but that hasn't quenched our thirst

About Us

In Business Since 2013

Just when Digital Marketing was sprawling across the world and was changing Industry dynamics and business paradigms, Rightful Labs inquisitive think tank, clung on to the opportunity of being one of the pioneer organizations to club two channels of digital marketing into one, i.e. email marketing and affiliate marketing and thus, discover new digital possibilities.
Always Up-To-Date

Always Up-To-Date

Rightful Labs innovative and dynamic marketing ideas stem from its urge for excellence and keeping up with the technological and legal advancements of today’s digitalized world. Not to say, the R&D team of Rightful is always invasively probing into the developments of Digital Marketing Industry and International markets. This helps it to articulate the finest marketing strategies, which bring optimum results for its clients worldwide.
Envisioning Future With Prudence

Envisioning Future With Prudence

Rightful Labs believes in the theory of ‘’Survival of the fittest” and it endeavors to foresee the future of the industry and evolve accordingly, so as to maintain its reputation of a modernist vanguard in the world of 'Performance Marketing'. It aims to become the torch bearer of the change and dictate the new marketing trends while considering every important factor in the factual matrix.

Our Capabilities

setting Strategic Consulting
We help all of our clients spot opportunities and make sense of the digital landscape so together we can find new ways to reach current and future customers. Our relentless focus on the customer through intensive Research ensures customer insights are the foundation of all our strategies.
design Brand Management
We create digital solutions allow our clients to tell stories drive engagement, build trust, acquire new consumers and increase profitability. We design experiences for our clients’ products across various devices and environments.
cart Campaign Optimization
We specialize in connected digital interfaces that allow customers to interface with advertisers naturally. Our teams have the capability to model, create, test, deploy, operate, and optimize campaigns of all types and at scale.
mobile Data-driven Operations
We help our clients to incorporate strategic data sets in the core of their business. It all starts with fetching quality data from each step of the buyer's journey. Our Marketing team creates a defined analysis framework for turning customer data into insights.

humble beginnings

A bit about where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.

It was Mr. Arif Khan who set out to make an impact in the world of Performance Marketing alongside few of his comrades. The resources were limited but he and his determined team were brimming with zeal and energy.
The Sun is shining brightly on Rightful Labs and it has come far enough to earn the badge of one of the finest email marketing companies in the U.S market. It has got the numbers to boast about yet Rightful Labs is relentlessly striving to be the best.
Future belongs to those who make the most of today. Rightful Labs is very keen on being at the top of its game. Besides striving for effectiveness and efficiency, it lays special emphasis on the best possible use of available resources and gearing up to capitalize on every opportunity that comes by.