We all need a helping hand from time to time and when you are in a website business maintain everything manually is never a really good option.
Social Media presence has touched its zenith. If you have a website but don’t maintain a good social media presence, then you, my friend are moving along a really steep downhill that can get you in the pits real quick. Considering all the social sites available, it can get really chaotic out there if you don’t have good and effective tools to maintain your account.
So, here are 30 free social media marketing tools which can help you get started.

1. Buffer

When you are the social media handler, there are a gazillion of things one has to remember. Every social media platform behaves differently. Each platform has their own set active time. It gets really chaotic managing different platforms, all at once. One of the special and helpful things about buffer as a free tool for social media marketing is their ability to handle multiple platforms at once.
If you aren’t sure about the taking the premium option, buffer gives you an option to handle three social profile, with up to 10 post to schedule, which can be done via their image creator and video uploader. Easy, simple, and handy.


2. Followerwonk

Twitter comes under the radar of an important social media platform that is hard to miss. If you are looking forward to increase your social niche on twitter, then Followerwonk is the tool that you should look up to.
There are basically three things that Followerwonk lets you do. Find, Analyze, optimize. You can search twitter market to connect with your people. Analyze your followers, their location, what do they follow, their interest. Optimize your activity, what time works for you. Basically, if you want to handle your twitter well, understand Followerwonk.


3. Friends+Me

Every social media tool although supports every platform, they have their own mastered platform. Just as Followerwonk has twitter, Friends+Me put their emphasis on Google Plus features. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for others. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course GooglePlus.
All of these platforms are available in free plan, where you can use two platforms. Of whose you can schedule five posts at once, shorten your link. If you want to use Pinterest and Instagram you will need to upgrade it, with plan starting from $7.50.


4. TweetDeck

Remember we talked about Followerwonk that was not so long ago. TweetDeck comes under the same category as the latter one. If you are looking forward to mastering Twitter, TweetDeck is the free tool for social media marketing you have been waiting for. Tweet like a pro and TweetDeck will put all the hands on the board to reach out to the best-targeted audience.
You can create your custom taglines; manage your list and accounts. When we said it is made for twitter, we meant it. You might not be able to handle different social media platform but you can handle different twitter account at once.


5. Bit.ly

Not Every social media gives you the freedom to write a whole paragraph in your feed. There are platform that only gives you a handful of character to play with, like Twitter 140 character per tweet. Adding link or most likely, fitting your link into at small area is a trick itself.
A link can often become too large to handle due to the tracking subids and extravaganza things. Here why Bit.ly comes in play. The tool shortens your link and your work is done.


6. Tagboard

Having a tool that manages your post is essential, but what about the content? Social media is just not about posting your latest news all the time. Handling the right content at the same time makes you a true social media handler.
Introducing Tagboard! It is not just another social marketing tool, rather it is a research social media content tool that let you see the content of the topic you like to post. Just type in the keyword, hashtag and get all the information on aboard.


7. AdEspresso Facebook Ads Compass

Till now we have been seeing twitter related tools in majority. Social media is just not about twitter. While a twitter helps in generating traffic, FaceBook helps you to increase your investment and it really works well, if you know how to handle it.
The tool review your content and gives you the analysis report on its return on ad spend, reach out level, engagement, quality and lots of other things. This can help you to put your money in the right amount which in return can help you run your campaign on the right track.

AdEspresso Facebook Ads Compass

8. FaceBook Timeline Contest Manager

Managing a FaceBook page is hard. Inviting people, managing the content, video, and fun stuff. Creative new content with pop quizzes and giveaway is quite a brain freeze job. FaceBook Timeline contest manger helps you to keep all your engage content running smoothly.

FaceBook Timeline Contest Manager

9. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo, I don’t think you need further explanation. BuzzSumo has been in the market for quite a long time and has been the best of the best that helps you discover the right content for you.
Discover the working keyword, what topic is trending on the net now and curate your content around the same. BuzzSumo is already there to help you out with everything. The tool displays the current running topic on social media along with their likes, share, other engagement parameters. What more do you need to see what’s hot and what’s not.

10. Tailwind

If Buffer is for everything, Tailwind is for Pinterest and Instagram. If you are familiar with board and group board sharing, you must know how big are boards to Pinterest. Tailwind help you to bulky post everything on both the platform. They give you an insight on your followers, daily visits, and how you are progressing. The extension is for free and can really be the helping hand that you need.


11. Analisa.io

Analisa.io is yet another tool for social media marketing that gives you the inside out about Instagram. The tool itself is a hub for other different tool that help you to dig out your competitor, let you discover great influencer, monitor your performance and see your profile engagement.
Basic tools are for free but if you want to scoop up more you can convert your account into a premium one with $59.35 per month. Instagram is turning big, if you want to work in the future, you must learn in the present.


12. MeetEdgar

Posting your content is a tedious task but managing your old content, trashing the unused one and keeping up with engaging one are whole new level of your brain workout. Meet and greet MeetEdgar, who is a social marketing scheduling tool that helps you to recycle your old post and keep your account clean.


13. Hootsuite

If you are looking for a social marketing tool that lets you manage social site for free then we are already familiar with some of the above mention tool but Hootsuite comes with an extra leg space to schedule your post. 30 post to schedule in advance and 3 social media in one place. What separate them from the rest is their tracking tool that helps you track your progress with 2 RSS feed integration.



IFTTT or aka ”if this then that” is a unique permutation and combination that you can come across with. It work exactly how it seem. Let me explain it with much detail. Suppose if you want to post on Instagram then at the same time you can post on twitter as well.
If this post (XX) at Instagram at 3 PM, then That post (YY) at twitter at 3 PM. It might sound complex at first but if you learn to navigate well, you can manage IFTTT in no time.


15. Oktopost

Till now we have come across with free tools for social media marketing but we have yet to face social media tool that is B2B companies. Not only it helps in managing your post but also supports content curation as well. Oktopost can help you manage your social platforms on a bigger scale with big team and big contents.


16. SocialFlow

As a social media handler, we dig out the right time when our targeted audience is most active. That data and information comes with practice and analysis but what if you only need a single tool to know the exact matched timing. Not even that, the tool itself will post the right content at the right time.
SocialFlow needs no further introduction. Upload your content and the tool will itself pick the right time to post your campaign. SocialPost combines the real-time data and decides what is the right time for your post. Amazing isn’t it.


17. Everypost

Everypost is effective in post every multimedia post that you want. It generate data from all the various multimedia platform, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, RSS and more which in turn helps you curate your content This helps is creative an effective and engaging post that you want.
Collaborate with your team from anywhere and to understand it more you can choose the 14 days free trial period.


18. PromoRepublic

If you are looking for a tool for social media marketing platform that not only helps you in managing your social media post and different account at the same time but also helps in creating an effective and unique templates then look for PromoRepublic.
It smoothes your work as PromoRepublic has over 6000 visual templates and built in editor with photostocks that can make your post your A game in real quick time. Whether you are small business, freelancer, or even a franchise, PromoRepublic can give you the solution for handling your account with ease and comfort.


19. Sprout social

One platform for all your social media connection, Sprout Social gives you a 30 days free trial period to test, run, and understand various social media trick as to built a successful campaign. Respond to every follower’s queries and resolve you network issue with its smarter and faster work skill.
Sprout Social is trusted by many brand sites and helps you in building a much stronger social media relationships. Optimize and execute your post with its productive tools.

Sprout social

20. Sendible

Social Media handler doesn’t always have a single client to handle. If you are someone who looks up to different client at the same time, Sendible is one leading in the race for free tools for social media marketing platforms. Sendible comes with their own pre designed template which can give you ease to develop the daily report for your client.
Sendible comes with a unique listening tool, that give you the edge over others. Reply to your targeting audience in no time and manage your social media accounts.


21. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is you one stop go tool for social marketing platform if you are looking for site that can handle your social engagement, social advocacy, customer care and social advertising all in one place. Sprinklr handles all, you can monitor your audience and competition all in place. Sprinklr also gives you the daily trend report and metric that can help you generate a more effective and creative content.
Sprinklr helps you to listen to the queries that are happening around your social media platform and respond to them. Sprinklr lets you figure out the measure of your ROI content to help you build more successful campaign in the future.


22. DrumUp

Posting you campaign successful is necessary but maintaining a well balanced targeting through the campaign helps you build an honest and useful audience. DrumUp lets you connect with your audience and with its tool you can trim the amount that your spend on different social media to a greater extension.
Use its web browser extension to easily manage your work there. DrumUp is not just a social media marketing tool but a combination of media and content. It gives you the suggestion that can increase your engagement with your audience and manage your time as well.


23. Quuu

Keeping up with creative and effective content is also important and Quuu is that one of the tool for social media marketing that gives you the hand curated content to effectively plan your social media content. Quuu has over 500 topics and evergreen library to handle your content creative pretty well.
Quuu has a 30 days free trial period where you can check out the content suggestion and build really good, successful and eye-catching content and never run out of topics.


24. Unmetric

There are tools that save your time, gives you enough content for your next post, keep a track of all your audience, then come Unmetric. It if an AL powered social media marketing and analysis tool which is better in giving you the insight on your audience, insight on your competition and brand and a complete inside out on your audience.
You get your report directly into your inbox; they have around 1 billion of data full of new and quirky content so that you never run out of topic. Unmetric also comes with their own tacking tool which gives you a complete reports on your competitors and feedback.


25. Cool Tabs

Cool tabs have a cool way of integrating social marketing metrics into your website. This one social media marketing tool lets you manage your marketing campaign in your website through quizzes, promotion, and competition. A very unique way to generate more leads which can get you the data, integrate it with your custom relation management tool and you can have a campaign and runs and work just fine.
Cool tabs give you the data that actually works. You can boost your campaign and generate more lead through its social listening and brand monitoring tool. Cool Tabs helps you analyze and grow your audience to get the result you want.

Cool Tabs

26. Tweepi

Another Al- based social media marketing tool that is specially designed for twitters. Increase your follower as far by 100 per day. If you are looking to increase your twitter presence, look for Tweepi. Not only does Tweepi manage your social account like every other tool does. Tweepi also manages to remove the inactive users and clear your account by deleting the irrelevant users.
With the right audience that is left, you can create a campaign that not only runs successfully but delivers the right data and information it is meant to be.


27. Falcon.io

A platform that every social media marketer can use. Falcon gives you the wings to be everything that you as a social marketer want to be. Build your content, analyses like a geek, build you strategy and get the wanted results.
Falcon.io offers you a SaaS platform for social media listening, publishing, measuring and community management. You can create your own organic post and mark them up in your calendar. You can integrate the data that falcon.io give and merge it with your CRM of your website and generate better campaign and get a better result.


28 Khoros

Grow your business and strengthen your brand with Khoros. The company is the byproduct of merging Lithium and Spredfast (another 2 well known social media marketing sites). Social media handler requires tool that can get their business done in shorter amount of time, so as they can generate a master campaign by putting their work on content. Khoros lets you analyze, publish, and create a post or rather campaign which gives you data for a lifetime.

You get access to the real time data which as you know can be used in your website to generate good leads. Track your multiple social media traffic at one place. Khoros gives you that much of flexibility to monitor your live data and make the most out of it.


29. Brand24

Create, publish and analysis are the three main point for any social media marketing tool. Maintain these three and you can get the desired result with the help of a good tool. But if you want increase your productivity and success ratio you need more to that. You need Brand24.

The tool helps you to track your competitors and see your audience behavior. Get great insight and access to change and customize your data, how you want.


30. Agorapulse

If one campaign doesn’t work once doesn’t mean we have to discard them. Agorapulse lets you reschedule you post over and over again. Agorapulse follow the same flow as any other free tool would. Monitoring your social media account at one place. It is your one stop for social media marketing simplification, if you know where to start.


Final Thoughts

A good social media tool can generate a lifetime audience, evergreen campaign, and real time data that can make any social media account a great success. We have already listed 30 such tools, try a combination of them and who know which breaks the deal for you.