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We work as a family and our mission is unparalleled domination of the performance marketing horizon. Join us in this expedition and be a part of the change you witness.

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Our Teams

We are one determined task force that leave no stone unturned when it comes to kicking out the problem. Our operations are handled by squads which are designed to increase the collaborative efforts and shoot for the stars.

It’s not just the determined workforce that makes this place enthralling, rather the lucrative benefits which is nothing more than a reward for the team’s constant success and their hunger to achieve more than what they possess.

Work-Life Balance Work-Life Balance
Paternalistic Management< Paternalistic Management
Inspired Workforce Inspired Workforce
Employee Development Employee Development
Diversity Diversity
Rewards Rewards
  • Work-Life Balance

    Rightful Labs understands that the key to an organization’s success is its happy employees. The HEALTHCLUB which is an initiative of the management conducts detox sessions on a regular basis (for instance, yoga sessions, cycling trips etc) to help the employees to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. There’s also a play area for the employees which includes a pool table and table tennis. These things help theemployees to bust their stress and fatigue and in channelizing their energy into work.

  • Paternalistic Management

    Rightful Labs has always acquired a paternalistic style of management wherein employees don’t have to bargain terms with the management or be cautious about the fact that the management might exploit them in any regard. As a matter of fact, the management itself proactively looks into all the concerns of the employees and treat all of them as a part of one family and cocoons them like a parent.

  • Inspired Workforce

    At this time when human philosophy narrows down to the amount of dibs in one’s pocket, Rightful Labs strives for all-round development of employees. With tactful acknowledgement and proper job enrichment to self-driven employees, we thrive to obtain that critical balance among one’s monetary and social needs. Not only does this enhance personality of an employee, the organization develops into something more humane than a streamlined service.

  • Employee Development

    They say that ''A rolling stone gathers no moss" and Rightful Labs is a firm believer of this popular idiom. In today's changing business paradigms, one has to have up to date information about the developments in the external environment of the business and constantly revive his/her knowledge in order to remain relevant and a valuable resource in the years to come.

    Rightful Labs is keen on giving its employees a forum where they can share their observations and insights, exchange ideas, develop the ability of think critically and last not but not the least, enhance and revive their technical knowledge.

  • Diversity

    Diversity is something which comes naturally to Rightful Labs because the CXOs and other people at thetop ranks have been very perceptive and dynamic in approach. They evaluate all things on a very neutral basis be it someone’s candidature, skill set or all-around capability of an employee.

    The workforce is a good mix of Generation Y and Millennials and people from across the length and breadth of the country work at Rightful Labs whose culture and beliefs differ widely. The recruiters have done a commendable job by hiring people from various fields of specialization like law, I.T, Management and Business Intelligence who are leading their respective functions and exhibiting their excellence in their domains, thereby adding value to the organization and taking it to new heights.

  • Rewards

    An employee’s performance is considered as a specimen for how efficient he is in an organisation. In Rightful Labs, an employee’s performance is measured not only on amount of hard labour S/he does, but the creative thinking S/he showcases in his/her work.

    We at Rightful Labs always give a pat on the back to people who prove their mettle and prowess in their respective fields and even outside the realm of their KRAs. Giving rewards to people who bring value to the process of our company, who share their valuable insights and revive our modus operandi has always been a central idea of our governance.

Rightful Labs is looking for Affiliate Marketing Maestros who are here to skin the game with their skills

  • Craft mobile friendly email templates that convert thoroughly
  • Track & report on email campaigns with an 8x scope
  • Analyze every email campaign rigorously
  • Proofread emails for every error in the language
  • Lock, load and shoot direct email marketing campaigns from the hip
  • Generate leads via bulk data extraction & affiliate marketing
  • Review mail responses & forward the leads to the assigned managers
  • Run traffic-oriented email campaigns that convert
  • Upgrade email templates with graphics, personalization, and advanced features
  • Trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle to maximize sales
  • Managing campaigns & promoting brands for other companies through email
What are we offering;
  • Location: Bhopal (Say the Magic Words to Enter the Dungeon)
  • Employment Type: Full time (we’ve got bunk beds if you wanna crash overnight)
  • Education: Technical/Non-Technical Grads who love to get high on chai
  • Remuneration: Money (up to 4 LPA) | Food (chomp while you rock) | Bottle-caps (for your quest) | Bonuses and beyond

Are you a UI/UX Designer that can bring things to life? Give us a shout if you have what it takes.

  • Unleash your imagination with a strong understanding of design projects
  • A connoisseur in Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Hands-on experience in Angular, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
  • Realize people’s thoughts into reality with designs on HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery
  • Efficiency in emphasizing designs and solutions with brains.
  • Ability to clearly & effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions.
What are we offering;
  • Location: Bhopal
  • Employment Type: Full time (we’ve got bunk beds if you wanna crash overnight)
  • Education: Technical/Non-Technical Grads
  • Remuneration: Money (up to 4 LPA) | Food (chomp while you rock) | High-spec PCs | Bonuses and beyond

Rightful Labs is looking for a Business Development Manager. Feel free to contact us after you’ve had a look at the responsibilities below:

  • Crafting efficient business development strategies
  • Servicing multiple clients concurrently while religiously meeting the deadlines
  • Planning business development meet-and-greets with prospective leads
  • Crafting immaculate business proposals alongside drafting and reviewing of contracts
  • Excellent research acumen to conduct researches in order to identify new opportunities
  • Account management skills along with media planning knowledge
  • Generate high-quality leads to bring in new projects, accounts and clients
  • Implementing and executing digital marketing programs for premium brands, occasions and events
  • Versatility in understanding the scope of business, creating plans, making sales & bringing new clients onboard
  • Analyze the profitability and efficiency of campaigns by employing analytics to examine aspects such as community, traffic, engagements, leads, and conversions
  • Develop new business relationships with top advertising and marketing agencies across the globe
  • Acting as the ambassador of the agency by attending the right events and conferences to enlarge our networks
  • Traveling as per duty calls
What are the Challenges in the Role?

You must understand the Clients’ Product while comprehending their Sales & Marketing Challenges in order to consult them and provide them with the best marketing solutions.

  • Assisting clients building a positive brand image in order to bloom & develop their ventures through interactive marketing solutions
  • Building a strong, spotless sales funnel & hunting down prospects for the sales team to chase
  • Join hands with the big corporate enterprises and get their accounts for Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Achieve sales targets and numbers diligently with ecstatic pace and unmatched efforts.
  • Responsibility on BDM’s shoulders for handling large accounts
You Should Definitely Apply if:
  • You wish to be a part of one of the best digital marketing companies
  • If growing revenue, numbers and chasing them is your thing
  • You can do the deeds for the sake of Sales & Business Development
  • You cherish interacting with big shots and cracking bit corps as your clients
  • Targets push to motivate you even further

Education: BE/MCA/MBA(IT)

Experience:: 1- 5 Years

Location: Bhopal

Compensation: : Up to 5* LPA

  • Pristine integration of data storage solutions.
  • Astute understanding of MVC design patterns.
  • Experience with PHP Programming on Open Source Tools.
  • Updating Current Websites to Meet Modern/Premium Web Standards.
  • Cooperating with web designers to match the intended visual design.
  • Responsibilities to maintain, expand, and scale our sites.
  • Integration of user-interface elements developed by front-end developers.
  • Crafting website layout/user interface with the help of standard HTML/CSS practices.
  • Gathering and refining specifications and requirements based on technical needs.
  • Fabricating Products Using Angular/HTML/CSS/JS/WordPress/PHP and Other Front-End Technologies.
We Need Someone Who’s Got:
  • Strong knowledge of PHP web frameworks and CMS
  • Understanding of PHP’s fully synchronous behavior
  • Understanding of accessibility and security compliances
  • Strong knowledge of the common PHP or web server exploits and solutions
  • Ability to work as a team with business owner, developers, designers & testers.

Experience: 1 to 5 Years

Education: BE/MCA

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