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There are gazillions of new methods of marketing that evolve everyday alongside a stockpile of convergence technologies. All this is easily available to firms, but lead generation through email marketing fetches the best ROI. A research by Experian states that every dollar spent on email marketing could easily yield anything around $45. This highlights the ubiquitous nature of the Internet and how well consumers are acquainted to it.

We Know the Tricks of Trade

What is a hot lead? This might be an absurd question to the email marketing connoisseurs, but every business has a distinct approach to perceive hot leads. Their lead generation endeavors through email marketing revolve around their idea of a hot lead. Is a hot lead someone who rounds up a form on our website, or someone who downloads an e-book of the company? This is where Rightful Labs is savvy and insightful.

Witness the Future of Email Marketing

Data intelligence is the key catalyst to Rightful Labs’ bloodstream. Data analytics and intelligence is our forte and we fuse it with machine learning to delve into customers' problems, inclinations, and orientations, thus creating customer clusters and segments based on the data points.

Our systematized planning and cross-selling of products based on the customer history. We ultimately pitch the right products and services to the right audience, making lead generation through email marketing a cakewalk.

Data + Automation = Immaculate Digital Solutions

As a performance marketing firm, we take people's interest and sustain it until the point that it develops into an out-and-out product interest. The most efficient way to achieve this is by perusing functionality built into an in-house email marketing software.

As the marketer we're ready to make and schedule emails ahead of time. We assist you in crafting impactful and cohesive messages that will give value to your audience. Once your promoting tracks have been created, you can rapidly and effectively put individuals into these streams either physically or in light of triggered responses.

This reliable and significant email correspondence will help you build the trust with leads.

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Verticals We Serve

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Credit Repair

Connecting credit repair services with people who have poor/bad credit

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Credit Repair

Debt Relief Sphere

We find people who can't fight off debt and connect them with consolidation services

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Personal Loan

We connect lending networks in such ways that the offers are pitched to the right audience

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Auto Finance

We are here to help insurers boost their sales in the highly competitive insurance industry

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Our Customers Say

Rightful Labs is a wonderful company to work with and they have a strong business acumen. We appreciate their moxie and look forward to a prosperous future.

Mark Christian

I've partnered with the Rightful Labs team for about three years. Saying they're a pleasure to work with, is an understatement. Compliant, communicative, and dependable, that is what this team is. It would be a mistake not to work with them.

Jason Holmes