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Sender Intelligence

Our comprehensive sender monitoring system guards against messaging abuse across various wireless carriers.

With our experts sending SMS marketing messages via an extensive pool of numbers, we catalyze delivery and hold them down if needed. We have full control of the throttle. To drive maximum conversions and build good experience, our SMS are sent to customers via a same number in the pool.

Nothing Beats SMS Marketing

Even the biggest of firms count on ultra-modern, multi-channel campaigns; they often overlook the bird in hand and that's where they lose half the game. SMS text messaging is an old school yet a very effective and influential communications channel; reaching out to the customers wherever they might be and vesting immense power in their fingers. And did we tell you that it’s cent-percent effective?

We’re Here to Transform SMS with Artificial Intelligence

We’ve got built-in SMS tools that use info-based bits of knowledge. With this, we assist advertisers in recognizing content opportunities by investigating audience’s needs. Resultantly, we recognize content that converts prospects into sales.

We alternatively turn the content of outbound messages with the goal that each message shifts for each contact. With programmed character encoding, we guarantee that messages are gathered appropriately and delivered far and wide to the right audience.

Built-in Compliance Maestros

Rightful Labs via its proprietary technologies ensures your compliance to wireless carrier regulations, best industrial practices, as well as jurisdiction law. It begins from appropriate disclaimers to opt-in and opt-out subscriber management.

Depending on your campaign, there could be compliance pre-requisites under various statutes of U.S. law (for instance, TCPA and HIPPA). You can rest assured that you will remain compliant to all laws and regulations with Rightful Labs guarding your corners.

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Verticals We Serve

Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Connecting credit repair services with people who have poor/bad credit

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Debt Relief

Debt Relief Sphere

Finding people who can't fight off various debt and connecting them with consolidation services

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Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Allowing lending networks to pitch their offers to the right audience.

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Auto Finance

Auto Finance

Helping insurers to boost up their sales amidst highly saturated insurance industry

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Our Customer Say

Apart from the fact that Lucid has dramatically improved our marketing performance, they are great people to work with and I’ve really enjoyed the interaction. I would highly recommend Lucid to any company.

Jonathan Simpson

Envato Market
I've partnered with the Rightful Labs team for about three years. Saying they're a pleasure to work with, is an understatement. Compliant, communicative, and dependable, that is what this team is. It would be a mistake not to work with them.

Jason Holmes