Campaign Labs

Promotional to transactional, Single use to Bulk SMS, API integration to Dashboarding, Campaign Labs gives all the solutions you need for sending out text messages to your customers.

About Campaign Labs

The most advanced scheduling and segmentation platform for marketers,Campaign Labs is the next stop for all your marketing miracles – that too measurable! Easy scheduling, top-of-the-line segmentation capabilities, & campaign reports so visually detailed, you will never have to worry about analysis again.

Main Feature

1. Campaign Scheduling

The most important feature of any SMS scheduling tool is the campaign scheduling feature. We provide easiest and efficient procedure to schedule your sms. The flow is easier than eating Cake. Just Login to your account, go to Schedule section, Create/ Choose a list, add your content, add the URL, select the time of the campaign, and voila, the campaign is good to go. Advance features for campaign scheduling include Trigger campaigns, A/B Testing, Content Throttling, and more.

2. Audience Segmentation

You can either upload your own list our choose the data that you have bought. We provide the functionality to select the audience segment that goes with your campaign. You can choose the gender, the location and even the user preference. You can also choose to target clickers of a previous campaign or exclude the unresponsive customers of previous campaigns. In the common terms it would mean that you have full access to your list management and data segmentation to hit the exact customer for your product or service.

3. Statistics and Analytics

Get the most accurate results of your campaigns with the advanced reports and analysis offered by Campaign Labs. The detailed data reporting allows you to create enhanced marketing strategies and having a holistic approach towards optimizing your campaigns and increasing ROIs.