The changing business paradigms of modern day world have vested great power in social media and it is a widespread conviction that business which harnesses the power of social media can magnify their future prospects. In light of the fact that businesses want to connect with their audiences more than ever before for increasing their perceived value in the minds of prospective customers and to market their products and services via internet (capitalizing on the ubiquitous nature of internet and reaching global at once), the importance of social media strategies and the social media tools alike has increased manifolds.

Truth be told, the principal machinery of the realm of digital marketing is Social Media Strategy and companies which hit the bull’s eye in executing it, certainly gain an unassailable lead over their competitors.

Social Media in itself has come up as a major field of specialization in recent times and to master it, specialists delve into the intricacies and changing dynamics to revive their knowledge of the stream. However, in an agency like setup, handling social media accounts of multiple clients becomes a herculean task. This is exactly where Social Media tools come in really handy. Scheduling posts, monitoring performance of the posts, re-purposing content and engaging with customers are some of the functionalities of a Social Media tools.

Without further adieu, let’s head straight to the list of Social Media tools (in no particular order) which are taking the digital marketing by storm. Here they are:-

1. Meet Edgar really disrupted the social media world as one of the pioneer social media tools to introduce the concept of ‘Evergreen Sharing’. From a humble beginning as a repository of repurposed content to one of the must-have tools for long-term social media strategy, Meet Edgar’s journey has been quite eventful.

It’s easy integration with, RSS feed automation makes it more demandable and simple pricing is a jewel worth treasuring.


2. is a URL shortening an click monitoring tool which helps you understand how the content drives traffic to your websites. As a social media marketer, it will help you monitor the performance of posts on forums such FB and Twitter. Once you get to know what kind of content lures the audience to your site, then you can align your content strategy accordingly.


3. HootSuite is perhaps the most loved social media management of all. It helps you to schedule an monitor your social media campaigns from one interface and not to mention, if you have a thing for covert military operations, it will give you a vibe of overseeing operations from a control room.

HootSuite has been around for a long time now, and even though it’s social streams helps you to know the performance of various activities, its overall functionality may be too slow for your liking. However, its free plan makes it kind of too tempting to ignore.


4. SocialDrift is the best tool to build your Instagram following. With the help of machine-learning, SocialDrift sends computerized likes, comments or follow request to a niche audience. This effort persuades Instagramers to look at your own account, which bolsters brands imaging and gets you followers who can be your possible buyers.


5. Salesforce Social Studio is a holistic social media management tool for big business organizations. Social Studio enables teams across the organization to utilize social media in a way that secures your image. Post authorizations, savvy routing choices, and extensive analytics provides companies with the assets they need to have to securely enter the realm of social media.


6. Buffer gives you a chance to plan and oversee social media posts over various channels, and you can separately tweak each post for different forums it gets presented on. Buffer likewise shares your post at the ideal time of the day and tracks links so you can get to know what content gets the most traction.


7. Google Analytics is the one tool that deals with our social media. Why? Since the information, we accumulate from it channelizes our efforts on to social media forums that are driving activity and transformations. Did we get a huge amount of traffic from Reddit in the previous month that changed over to customers? Did we have a negative ROI on our Facebook advertisement? Google Analytics gives these answers much more..


8. SocialFlow’s analysis breaks down user behavior and after that enhance each post accordingly, to know the best time for publishing posts to get maximum response from target groups. They discharge posts when timing, significance, and online prospects are streamlined, and furthermore offer services that plan to enhance audience engagement and ROI.


9. Sprinklr is definitely a standout amongst social media management tools. The tools promising to cover everything fundamentally center around organic versus paid, so it is difficult to have only one tool for organic and paid social. In the event that you need an across the board tool, Sprinklr is by all accounts the best management tool for the majority of your social media platforms. It encourages you with posting, content, and behavioral reporting.


Picking the correct social media management tool for your business requires you to have a decent comprehension of what your requirements are. While a great deal of the tool here appears to be cool as hell, you won’t require every one of the gadgets to make the mark.

Rather, you have to center around the tools which can enhance what you are as of now doing on social media.