The world of content marketing is a rather wicked one. As a content strategist, one has to be the judge, jury, and executioner by taking care of everything there is to be taken care of.  It’s like taking care of 124,257 things at one single time with only two hands to do the trick.

But thankfully, technology always presents us ways to save the day and save ourselves. For any content marketer, these 120,000-something tasks can be rather simplified if s/he knows what kind of digital marketing tools to use.

It’s not really rocket science, but if you don’t know anything about these 20 digital marketing tools, you, my friend, are five hands short of being one helluva content strategist. Read away about what these digital marketing tools the www has to offer:

  1. Google Analytics

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you one of the best digital marketing tools that have ever come into the existence—Analytics by Google! Perhaps the one and only power-packed tool that not only is free of cost but does everything which has everything that any digital marketing entrepreneur needs.

As a free tool that assists you in tracking user behavior on the website, Google Analytics is everything you will ever need to track how your website is running. Find out which web pages are your shining jewels and which ones need more work, calculate website traffic and craft the most immaculate marketing strategy with this digital marketing tool.

Google Analytics

There are various algorithms and metrics that Analytics has for you and give a distinct insight into your website’s bread and butter. Out of numerous crucial metrics, here are few from which you can salvage insane amounts of information.

  1. Visitor Conversions: Set your conversion metrics to analyze how  your website is performing. You can identify new visitors and have a chuckle when a returning user comes back to the website
  2. Traffic Source: Get to know the source of your traffic when you receive the monthly website traffic in Google Analytics. You can easily find out the efficiency of multiple digital marketing channels and how well they’re working.
  3. Track Active Users: In the audience section, you can check how many users are on your website at this moment from this section.
  4. Behavior Flow: This is where you find the drawbacks and strong points of your website. You can find out from where the users bounced away from your website, what page attracted them and what really gave it away.
  5. Goals Setting: Your digital marketing goals for every month can be set under this section.

Apart from these, these are some really helpful metrics like real-time analysis, bounce rate, average session duration, and page views. All in all, Google Analytics is one of the best digital marketing tools to bless the digi-marketing fraternity. To top it all off, you don’t have to pay anything for it!

  1. Google Search Console

Yep, Analytics is a great digital marketing tool for playing around with numbers, but Google Search console will give you an eagle eye’s view on how Google takes your website to the high places. Your website’s indexing, crawling and search positions can be easily scrutinized through this.

Google search console

Whenever you are hunting for the best digital marketing tools, don’t write Google Search Console off. It is top-notch SEO software and the best part is that it shows data in most immaculate manner. The data comes from the Top Dog itself and it’s 100% legit.

  1. Hubspot Website Grader

An SEO audit can sometimes give out details like nothing else. Get a free health checkup of your website and learn tricks and flicks on how to optimize your website to get the best traffic to it. The website grader from Hubspot analyzes your website’s performance, mobile friendliness and security measures. There are plenty of website auditing algorithms, but this one takes the cake.


Are you uncomfortable of grasping too much information but you also feel that it has to be read no matter what happens? This digital marketing tool reviews your website with a fine toothed comb and then presents the report in PDF format. You also get suggestions about how to improve your website and scale it up the ranks.

Some of the metrics used by SEOptimer are Body content, HTML header, Links, Sitemaps, Page load speed, and Website usability. These blips are here to indicate whether your website’s SEO is good enough to make it to the first page and the first rank.


Get interesting insights like title analysis, consistency of keywords in the content and its density, back-links and their quality-quantity ratio and sitemap structure. This is a great digital marketing tool for a complete off page and on page SEO analysis.


 This one’s a personal favorite—a digital marketing tool that very much presents its value for money, SEMRush is one such SEO tool that provides a plethora of actionable data. Think of whatever report you wish to have and SEMRush would definitely have a way to extract it in the format of your choice.

The SEMRush UI is  like a set of flight controls for any digital marketer and you get feedback related to SEO issues at ease. Some key metrics are so essential that they make a strategist’s work a cakewalk. The best part of SEMRush is their Keyword analysis, which is super accurate and gives a lot of information for you to derive major eye opening conclusions and facts, many of those become ground zero for a marketer’s research strategy.

Here are some features that we can’t get enough of when it comes to SEMRush:

  1. Organic Traffic Analysis: Putting your website on the Google’s first rank gets a whole lot easier. With SEMRush using a whole web of unique and interesting metrics to analyze keywords, you can decide what keyword(s) to target according to their statistics. The next time you index content, it’ll surely make it to #1.
  2. Back-link Analysis: Does your website have enough juice in the engine room round the back? When you know how many back-links you have, you can prepare your SEO strategy in the same manner. Work on it, and we will be looking at your website climbing up the ladder.

Competitor Analysis: This is probably the most important metrics that is required for your website analysis. This tool allows you to compare the SEO performance to some of your competitors that you would like to target.

Apart from that, of course there is the keyword analysis tool and it’s wizardry in itself. Do give SEMRush a try and hit the paid version if you can—it’s simply phenomenal.

  1. BuzzSumo

What is the biggest task of a content strategist?  To find out what content is flowing around the internet. Who are the top contenders in the trending list of the industry?  What are your competitors writing about?

Enter BuzzSumo, a perfect helping hand in the need. BuzzSumo gives you insight into the current top content in the market, list of influencers, and ideas about what to write next.


Join BuzzSumo and get alert to whenever your keyword comes in any new content. Get notified when your competitor posts anything.  Search your keyword and get inside out information. This is why it is the best marketing tool for planning and scheduling articles.

  1. Evernote

Is it just me or sometimes when you are busy in your work and suddenly some random idea pops into your mind but you set it aside and later forget about it. At times you can be filled with ideas and next you are completely blank.


Evernote is a place that can help you organize your thoughts. It is an online platform that keeps track of your ideas. This platform is to be shared with your teammates so that your ideas are always with you and always in sync. That’s the motto of Evernote.

Save images, files, and pages. Access it offline and use it to bring you’re A-game.

  1. Trello

Now that we are talking about getting everyone on the same page, what makes a content success is all about who is behind all those preparation. It’s the team. Having an entire team dedicated requires a platform that connects everyone. Trello is that platform that will escalate your team spirit to the next level with their tools, scheduling, posting, and sharing process.

With a simple layout, it gets easy to share ideas and messages with other teammates.


  1. ClickFunnel

You can only know how good your affiliate marketing skills are when you know that your visitors are becoming customers. For that, you need a good sales funnel strategy. These funnels give you more knowledge about how a view gets converted into a lead.

The more lead you convert the more revenue a company gets. One way to get it done is by doing it manually but hey we are here to make everything sail smooth. It is easy to proceed if you know what worked in the past. ClickFunnel platform makes it easier for you to design sales funnel.

You can not only have sale funnels, but membership funnel, hangout funnel, email integrations, and A/B testing.

Click Funnels

  1. Tweriod

You created and strategized your funnel sale but what happens when it doesn’t reach your audience at the right time? Introducing Tweriod, this twitter-based platform gives you the information to figure out, when your targeted audience is active.

The report gives you a better idea that at what time of the day, your major chunk of the audience is online. You can analyze 1000 twitter with this free tool.

  1. Canva

Your blog isn’t just about the content. Every image, chart, and infographic enhance your article and make it complete. To make template one needs professional software like Photoshop and skills but what happens when you are not from a designer? Use Canva to create images for any platform with its pre-design templates.


Drag and drop the elements into your template and create images with its effective tool. You can also build the frame from scratch. You can always go for the pro plan but if you want simple images you can always make them for free.

  1. Uberflip

Uberflip helps you understand what your customer wants. Uberflip contains tools that can help you with content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement. This gives you the ability to analyze your report and measure which are the area that is slowing you down.

You can use Uberflip to manage your pages from a central line. Meaning everything that is in the blog including videos and books can be managed from one main place.


  1. MailChimp

Email marketing has been the backbone of many e-commerce websites. Whether you are into content marketing, lead generation or simply a blog-driven website, email marketing helps you engage your audience with your content.
For as long as MailChimp is in marketing, it is the most loved site for any email marketing company. You can send,and track email campaigns. MailChimp comes with a lot of interfaces that helps you increase your exposure to different platforms. FaceBook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Magento, Slack, Shopify are some of the names. You can integrate different media platforms and increase your territories.


Coming to the mailing part, MailChimp gives you the chance to A/B test your mail and sees what connects to your audience more. This can lead to better open rate and click-through rate which can ultimately help you with your page monetization and conversation.

  1. Copyscape

One thing that no website runner wants to do is to get deindexed by Google. When you make a website, you want it to rank among the top 10 results on any search engine. Your web pages get indexed and according to that, they appear on any search bar. One wrong strike can not only get your page erased but can make break any website and that is- plagiarism.

Plagiarism can deindex your pages meaning that your page will not appear on any search engine and the only way to access them is via a direct link. Not only that your entire website can get erased if the matter is too severe.

Copyscape can help you detect the percentage of plagiarism content on your website. Just paste your website URL or any other sub-category URL and see the result, you don’t wanna face the death knell, Trust us on that!

  1. MailTester

As a digital marketing company, who is trying to engage your audience via email marketing, you probably don’t want your mail to see the spam folder. If you don’t know, then let us tell you that almost 70% of spamming mail accounts to marketing emails. You all must be familiar with CAN-SPAM Act which state that one can be fine up to 11K for spamming mail

Mail Tester

A mail going into the spam folder is as bad as a webpage getting deindexed, both will give your 0 results after all the hard work that you put and come up with a good idea to increase your revenue target.

MailTester can help you check your spam percentage to help you get most of your email. If the bar is too high you can always play with different subject lines, content and HTML code to make your mail hit the inbox folder.

  1. SpyFu

We always want to know how our competitors are doing. Well, when everything is fair in love and war then so be capitalism. Use SpyFu to spy on your competitor’s business and its all legal and fair.


From an SEO point of view it is like finding a treasure, just enter the website URL and you will be able to see reports and charts which can give the statistics about the website’s backlinks and keywords. You can also have an insight report on similar websites, paid searchers and organic search.

One of the advantages of using SpyFu is that you will not just get the report on your competitors but will also be able to see your competitor’s competition, which will help you to determine you can build your strategy by seeing your competitor’s methods.

  1. Kred

It is good to have a website with blogs, ads, and banner but the site is of no use if you don’t have the audience to read. Of course, you have to work on the SEO, content and social marketing strategies to build up your website but other factors that can speed up the process.

Finding and connecting to the right influencer can give you a perfect head start. Influencers are those people who already have a build-up audience. Imagine promoting your website through influencers. More people will get to know you and a more target-oriented audience will come to your website.

Kred Analyze FaceBook and twitter activity and helps you narrow down the perfect people to boost your site. You can also become an influencer by building up your name with the help of Kred, this way more people will know you and your content.

  1. Toggl

If you work anywhere close to any digital marketing company, you would probably know that the day starts by replying and reading to mails. For that matter of fact, any content or affiliate marketing company will work on the same path.


Most of our time gets wasted in engaging in the activity that doesn’t give us productivity. Toggl helps you track your time spend on a project from start to end.

It is a cloud base app system which can work both offline and online, compatible with desktop and mobile version along with that runs smoothly on any web browser.  You can see the site which you have spent most time and with that, you can figure out your productivity.

  1. MozLocal

Want to get ranked in the search engines, use MozLocal. MozLocal has been the best buddy for many small local businesses in helping them get ranked into the search engines no matter how large or small the site is.


This is how MozLocal works; you can use the tool to complete your location data. This data then is taken up by the MozLocal which first ensure your data security and then distribute the data across the different search engine. That’s it; you can then search your business and find customers.

  1. Tableau Public

Adding numbers, figures and charts to any content enhance its beauty. Data visualization gives a better insight into the content and makes the blog stickier. Not only will it appear worth reading to the audience but as a content marketer that can help you bring down the bounce rate of your website on to the lower number which is also a yay yay for any SEO marketer.

Build adata chart with tableau and create interactive visualization and more. Visualize the data and create stunning interactive visualization.

Tableau Public

These were some of the indispensable tools that your content marketing ship definitely needs in order to run its full course and take on the high winds and mighty storms in times to come. There are definitely more, but we found these as; simply the best of the lot.