Finance Accounts Payable Specialist

Finance Department

10 June 2021

Full Time

1+ Year Experience

About the Apportunity

Looking for hungry and smart brains to collaborate and build an organization of Choice as we start this journey. Just to make a note – There are no issues or problems, only challenges for you to overcome and surpass your previous self!

Roles and Responsibilities
  • 1. Complete knowledge of record and book keeping
  • 2. Working knowledge of TDS.
  • 3. Knowledge of bank transactions and remittances.
  • 4. Must have knowledge of budgeting.
  • 5. Record keeping for private limited companies.
  • 6. Must have knowledge of preparing invoices.
  • 7. Should be able to communicate with clients when needed.
  • 1. Profiency in oral and written English.
  • 2. Working Knowledge of Tally.
  • 3. Must have good knowledge of Excel.
  • 4. Knowledge of MS-Ofice.

Graduation in Commerce Stream (Preferably Tax).


1+ year

Based Location


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