PHP Developer


22 June 2021

Full Time

1 - 3 Year

About the opportunity

To work on building stunning products and create highly functional as well as efficient applications. Building an array of web based products with proper planning of the software architecture and the APIs. Developing back end components, connecting the application with other web services and assisting the front end developers to ensure the application integrate seamlessly will be a part of the daily work routine.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. To define a scalable back end architecture of the application and DB

2. Make reliable APIs

3. Collaborate with front end developers to make applications highly scalable and high performing

4. Building a robust and strong software system

5. Creating Super administration and Backup plans

6. Debugging and Documentation of the APIs created



1. Excellent knowledge of any back end environment like PHP, NodeJS or Python. Frameworks based on back end expertise is also acceptable

2. Command over any one database technology preferably SQL based like MariaDB. MongoDB and Click House knowledge is welcome here

3. Experience of building and maintaining a CMS

4. Knowledge of architectures like MVC is required

5. A detailed understanding of database design and administration

6. Proficiency when it comes to code versioning tools and JWT tokens

7. The ability to integrate a variety of data sources and databases into a single system.

Qualification, MSC, BE (Computer Science), MCA (Preferred)



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