More of than not, employee creativity is overlooked while setting the benchmarks of individual and Team performances in the organizations.

There is simply no denying the fact that both Productivity and Creativity are quintessential to the realization of optimum caliber of an organization, yet most professionals are totally unacquainted with the idea of triggering creativity.

Well, creativity isn’t a new phenomenon; many management gurus and scholars have presented their definition of it over the past decades. However, it is still hard to fathom what actually fosters it. Some might say that it thrives on flat structure of an organization, free discussions, giving more autonomy to employees and so and so forth, but seldom is any emphasis given on the ambiance of the workplace and its role in bringing out the best in employees.

Take for example the case of poets or for that matter other creative souls such as writers and artists. They seek inspiration by meandering in beautiful valleys, by strolling on enchanting beaches or may be by camping in the wilderness under the stars. It’s hard to establish the fact that ambience has a great impact on one’s psyche and it helps in breaking the monotony of perspective and dragging one’s imagination to new horizons, which itself is the very essence of creativity and differential thinking.

Conventional, poorly lit office floors only keep workers away from their true potential. On the other hand, spaces that are not strictly governed and offer vibrant and offer openness and informal discussions or may be chatter over a cup of coffee, provide the right conditions for creative and reliable output.

We are primarily into digital marketing, and this implies that increased creativity and best individual performance are essential for our success. In our business, the price is too high if people make a minute mistake on any level. We just couldn’t afford being subjugated to a regular/conventional workplace. So instead of, renovating the office, we decided to shift to a new workplace and harvest the benefit of a carefully planned workplace time and again.

Here are some of the snaps of our new workplace and Oh God! Isn’t it fabulous:-

1.    The Brainstorming a.k.a meeting room is electrifying. It will have a coffee vending machine right outside it to fuel inventiveness. A large digital screen is another tool that helps a lot with visualizations. Just one example, that’s how we analyze the statistics and other KPIs.
This whole visualization philosophy is very strong with us, and since our product is mostly an email which prospective customers receive in their inbox, we have many screens with boards in the office

2.    Our new office has a lounge dining area where we will have free buffet lunches. There’s also an espresso machine with a counter alongside a Pool table and this lunch space has snacks and supplies. This chilled out ambiance encourages people to talk and share ideas.

3.    Another thing that we have set up to encourage random discussion is a no-cubicle setup. A few of us had beforehand worked at organizations with gigantic open spaces, which is again a challenge. Obviously, individuals can talk openly when they sit in one huge room, however, the clamor and distractions are frightful. Along these lines, we’ve masterminded something in the center and have made quick chat rooms which abut the workstation.
A true example of “Your Freedom Ends Where My Nose Begins” philosophy isn’t it.

4.    To promote focused, individual work, we have quiet rooms, with a couch, accessible to any individual who needs some time alone. One of these rooms is situated in our office library. As a matter of fact, a library isn’t just a part of an office space. It is a part of our nonstop learning, which is vital to us as a digital marketing firm.

These are the little things that don’t directly add to efficiency, yet they light up the ambiance. For instance, after a dull commute to the office in scorching heat, or following a night of terrible sleep, you walk into the office, to be greeted with chocolates. Isn’t that a mood lifter?

We believe each and every office can come up with changes like this; creating a cozy environment, helping people to feel relaxed rather than pressurizing them. When everyone is focused and still chilled out, that’s when the real work happens.