Rightful Labs’ Role in Advancing Women Empowerment

India has always had a patriarchal form of society since time immemorial. In fact, patriarchy and gender inequality (to be more precise) are so deep-rooted inside a typical Indian psyche; that it also infested India’s corporate culture. Since the rise of the corporate culture in early 90’s to even till today, women have been complaining about some or the other form of sexist imposition that they face at their workplace.   

Things Are Changing But There’s Still A Lot to Work on

Women are currently a bigger part of the workforce than at any other time in Indian history. Still, there are issues inside the framework that consign women to hold lower positions in the organizational hierarchy, get lower wages as compared to men and hence women in Indian corporate are very unsure about themselves on the whole. Along these lines, we reach the question for this article: in what manner should we empower women in the workplace?

We Have Vowed To Fight Gender Inequality At Workplace

We at Rightful Group have been determined to fight all sorts of discriminations that women go through at workplace. We have designed our policies and procedures with the intention of providing immunity from all biases such as pay-gap, disinclination from giving them leadership roles etc.

We at Rightful Group believe that such issue stem from both corporate customs and the orthodox social standards that recommend “women needn’t bother about a successful career because they will eventually drop out when they have kids.” this mentality has caused career-centric women innumerable pains in the corporate.

We have taken a very detailed and agile approach towards eradicating the evil of gender inequality and empowering women by re-establishing the image of working women in India and also by advising to break the monotonous outlook towards women.  

A Two-way Approach to Women Empowerment at Workplaces

We believe that the appropriate response needs to originate from two places: corporate needs to reconsider their approach towards women, and women in the workforce will need to relentlessly keep putting bold efforts.

As we have stated earlier, our management has taken a holistic approach to women empowerment. And, below are some of our policies that are directed at bolstering the position/image of women at the workplace:-


  • Flexible work plans in case of family crises – We are not fussy about work timings. Instead, we are open to flexible work shifts and that gives our female employees enough room to strike a balance between work and family obligations.
  • Mentorship – Unlike other organizations, we are happy to embrace fresher who show willingness to learn and some signs of caliber. We always brag about the fact that most of our managerial positions are being taken up by women. We have forged future industry leaders by assigning them big responsibilities, involving them in decision-making and leaving the window of innovation open for our employees.
  • Ensuring safety through transport services/transport allowance  – We discourage late night works (considering the rising numbers of crime against women) and give our women employees a decent travel allowance so that they can rent a good cabbie for commuting.
  • Solid anti-harassment cell It goes without saying that we have zero-tolerance for any kind of misbehavior towards our female employees. However, our company culture conserves an eco-system wherein employees are very protective and caring about their peers.
  • No pay-gap – Women in our company are the ones who take up the major leadership roles and are also the most highly paid. Period.
  • Paid Maternity leave – Because we don’t believe in hindering someone’s life plan.
  • Administrative openness to valuable feedback– Providing an ambiance where criticism is taken constructively and free exchanges of thoughts/feedback is appreciated.

Perfect Women – Corporate Symbiosis

This enables women to share time with their families, get training and motivation that they require, and builds up compatibility amongst workers and management. This last point is particularly significant; by giving honest feedback, management can help representatives (both male and female) feel that their work is esteemed. This strategy likewise takes into account direct correspondence to workers to make them understand what management needs from them.

Notably, ‘equal opportunity doesn’t mean that women are entitled to some kind of favoritism, NO! It simply means mistakes and feats should be treated equally for both men and women. We believe that if companies channelize their energy in training their employees, establishing accountability and acknowledging feats, employees will become more productive and a healthy corporate culture will be born.    

Miles to Go Before We Sleep

We comprehend that the issue of women empowerment in the Indian workplace isn’t something that we can settle overnight. Nonetheless, if you wish to take away only one thing from this blog, it’s this basic reality: recognizing and recalling the problem helps each day.


Gender Inequality is an issue that will take a great deal of time, yet if we can continue spreading the thought and connecting with others in the discussion, we may eradicate this evil much sooner.