The corporate zeitgeist of the 21st Century isn’t all about job-makers. Sure, it is them who actually put vacancies out in the market, but the job-takers have a choice now. Individuals and their skill sets continue to bloom every passing day.

This is a prodigious sign for better things to come. A commendable, hardworking workforce would yield better results and just like the butterfly effect, soaring skill sets would make this world better a better place.

But every good thing comes with a new challenge. As every corporate hot-shot would be better at what s/he does, there’s an absolute chance that s/he’ll look forward to pounce on better opportunities career-wise.

This is very much a reason why Rightful Labs focuses on building an atmosphere in which employees are motivated to stay on top of their responsibilities and take up each and every task as if it was their own. Bearing that in mind, we are going to explore factors that motivate employees the most.

These seven motivating factors are very much implemented in Rightful Labs. Not only the results can be seen on paper, but the impact can very well be witnessed from the feedback we received through highly prolific individuals working here.

7 Crucial Factors that Motivate Employees

1.     The Workforce Battle-Royale

The human psyche is all about growing amongst the competition. This logic is complimentary to one which says “strongest warriors bloom in the toughest of battlegrounds”. Peer motivation is still one of the brawniest factors that motivate employees and there isn’t much to be done from the manager’s part to get there.

While talking to the highly determined workforce at Rightful Labs, we discovered that each and every person wants to be in an atmosphere where their peers are more knowledgeable. Not only does this showcase their ability to grow amongst the employees, but healthy competition encourages unique results—something which managers strive for.

2.     Let them Bloom

Yes, peer competition does drive employees to spearhead in the knowledge pool. But what drives them to stay at an organization are growth opportunities. A highly motivated individual would always keep his personal growth on the front foot and if not offered an opportunity to grow, he’ll move away his own betterment.

It is a common misconception that growth opportunities mean scaling up the corporate ladder or putting more money in employee’s pockets. For a highly determined employee, growth opportunities are all about learning new sets of skills and pinning more stars to that resume. Sure, scaling up the ladder and money are crucial factors, but overall grooming and development stay with an individual for a long time to come.

3.     Good ol’ Work Culture

This term is thrown around way often when we’re discussing what motivates employees the most. Work culture is a cornerstone element of morale and a very legitimate reason for employees to look forward to work. It is the relationship amongst employees that makes them content with the organization and this cordial mingling is present throughout Rightful Lab’s perimeters.

It’s not like good work culture means a jolly mood round the clock. Life happens and we can’t help but carry the weight of our personal problems to the workplace. The work culture at Rightful, however, motivates employees to get out of bed and get to work with their heads held high.

For instance, Zoya, a proficient Creative Designer at Rightful Labs believes that even in her worst of days, she looks forward to clocking into work because the culture rejuvenates her spirit to the usual best. That’s the power work culture holds in motivating employees when they can’t even get off the bed.

4.     It’s more than “Just a Job

We asked a simple question to comrades at Rightful—what inspires them to work every day? In our thought process, we had clichés in mind, but the responses were something that couldn’t come to us in the farthest stretch of the imagination. Employee engagement does not just talk about mingling with peers and earning money, it’s about whether an employee loves what s/he does.

Long story short, you can provide your workforce with the best-in-class amenities, but what really keeps them engaged is what’s on their job description. Amit, who’s a wizard of a UI/UX Designer, believes that his field of work is very much related to his lifelong passion of bringing things to life. This very factor was the reason he fell in love with this place.

Rightful Labs believes that a happy employee can just not be bought with external factors unless s/he is actually indulged in his/her work. That’s the very reason why employee motivation is built on the basis of their job description.

5.     They want to be Involved

We can consider this as a plain and simple communication barrier, but involvement in different aspects of tasks is what motivates employees the most. Managers have certain expectations of employees in terms of what they want, and it narrows down to three: a) Salary b) Job Security, & c) Promotion.

Not only is this theory proven wrong on asking employees what they want, but it can also be seen that there’s a huge gap between what employees want and what managers think they want. To clear the confusion, we asked compatriots at Rightful about what motivates them the most.

In all cases, factors like appreciation for work done, sense of belongingness and personal touch came out to be the moving factors to motivate employees in working their hours off. Some straight-up answers came from highly motivated employees, who were unfazed by the money factor because their involvement at work was more than enough to keep the spark burning.

6.     Employee Ownership

Do employees cater to their tasks as if they’re (personally) their own? Or just because they’re in the job description? We all have roles and responsibilities in organizations we work but the attitude towards them matters on supreme levels. The concept of employee ownership is all about paying heed to one’s roles and responsibilities with a sense of belongingness.

The highly effective workforce at Rightful responded to the question in a highly positive manner. For instance, Kanishka, who spearheads and analyzes digital campaigns, believes that her vision of employee ownership starts by reading “Thought of the Day” email in the morning.

“I look forward to the daily wisdom which comes in the form of Thought of the Day email. It drives me to a sense of optimism which not only gets me through the day but inspires me to give it all I have to offer.” Rightful compatriots own up to their decisions—that’s how the organization grows.

7.     Acknowledge them for what they do

Acknowledging the work of others is a very crucial factor in keeping employees motivated. Ask employees whether their achievements are celebrated or not and most of them stick to the clichéd replies with no promise. Yes, stories that show a sense of appreciation towards employees exist everywhere, but at Rightful Labs, the acknowledgment stories show that it’s not just the souvenir that matters—it’s the story behind it.

Tarun, the Digital Media Analyst at Rightful was the first recipient of “I am Bond” title that was presented to him on account of his super-innovative ideas that changed the game of business. One can believe that titles don’t actually count, but the sense of appreciation and meaning behind them does.

This simple act of acknowledging someone goes a long way and it turns out to be one of the most crucial factors that motivate employees to work harder. Nearly every other member of staff at Rightful believes that award and appreciations as little as a standing occasion or as big as the “I am Bond” title goes a long way to cheer them up.

Motivation over Money

We’ve heard plenty of times that money is the very basic motivator. In fact, that is what people answer every time they’re asked questions like “what moves you?”

After various intense studies by the best of researchers, it can be concluded that monetary benefits and incentives are definitely not the primary sources of motivation for an employee to go the extra mile (or do what’s expected of him/her).

It always goes way beyond the monetary factor as what motivates employees the most is a sense of appreciation, management’s affiliation towards its employees and of course—the job itself.

At Rightful Labs, the symbolic spirit of team bonding, group cohesion and individual’s capability to go the extra mile deliver the results. After all, it’s not the money factor that always matters. What motivates employees the most—is this great place to work.